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The Suzuki DF115B is a high-performance outboard motor designed for use on a variety of boats, including pleasure craft, fishing boats, and more. This motor is part of Suzuki’s lineup of four-stroke outboard motors, which are known for their fuel efficiency, reliability, and durability.

The DF115B model is equipped with a 115 horsepower engine, making it a powerful choice for boaters who need speed and agility on the water. It features a 16-valve DOHC engine with a displacement of 2,044cc, which allows it to deliver plenty of torque and acceleration.

One of the standout features of the DF115B is its Lean Burn Control System, which optimizes fuel consumption and reduces emissions without sacrificing performance. This system adjusts the air/fuel mixture in real-time, based on the boat’s speed and load, to ensure optimal efficiency and power.

The DF115B also features Suzuki’s proven offset driveshaft technology, which reduces the motor’s size and weight while improving balance and stability. This technology helps to minimize vibrations and noise, resulting in a smoother and more comfortable ride.

Other notable features of the Suzuki DF115B outboard motor include:

Multi-point sequential electronic fuel injection
Suzuki Easy Start System
Suzuki Precision Control System
Tilt limit system
Water-cooled voltage regulator
Suzuki Anti-Corrosion System
In terms of physical specifications, the DF115B measures 20.9 inches (531mm) in shaft length and weighs 401 lbs (182 kg). It has a maximum rpm of 6,000 and comes with a standard propeller size of 3 x 14.25 x 19.

Overall, the 2021 Suzuki 115 HP DF115B Outboard Motor is a powerful and efficient choice for boaters who demand performance and reliability. Its advanced features and technology make it a top contender in the outboard motor market.


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