2021 Suzuki 175hp Outboard Motors for Sale


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2021 Suzuki 175hp Outboard Motors for Sale

Powerful, Efficient, and Versatile Outboard Motor

The 2021 Suzuki 175hp outboard motor is a powerful and efficient choice for any boater looking to upgrade their boat’s performance. With a 4-stroke DOHC 4 Cylinder/16 Valves engine, this outboard motor delivers top-notch power and reliability.

Outstanding Performance and Reliability

The Suzuki 175hp outboard motor offers an RPM range of 5000-6000, making it a versatile option for boaters who enjoy a wide range of boating activities. The fuel injection system (EFI) ensures smooth operation and consistent performance, while the DOHC design enhances engine efficiency and reliability.

Ease of Use and Maintenance

The Suzuki 175hp outboard motor is designed with ease of use and maintenance in mind. The controls are DEC, making it simple for boaters to operate. The 25″ or 20″ shaft length allows for easy installation, while the weight of 487 lbs makes it easy to transport and store.

Environmental Responsibility

Suzuki outboard motors are known for their environmentally responsible design and operation. The 4-stroke engine of the Suzuki 175hp outboard motor reduces emissions, ensuring a cleaner environment for future generations to enjoy. Additionally, the efficient engine design results in better fuel economy, saving boaters money on fuel costs.

Unmatched Quality and Performance

The 2021 Suzuki 175hp outboard motor is a top-performing outboard motor that delivers unbeatable quality and performance. With a history of excellence and reliability, Suzuki outboard motors are a trusted choice for boaters worldwide. Choose the Suzuki 175hp outboard motor for an outboard motor that will exceed your expectations and provide years of reliable performance.


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