Honda Marine Outboard | BF105JET | Mid-Size | 4-stroke

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The Honda Marine Outboard BF105JET is a mid-size, 4-stroke outboard motor designed for use on a variety of boats. This model, the BF105JET, is a jet-powered version of the standard BF105 outboard, which allows it to operate in shallower waters where traditional propellers may be at risk of damage.

The BF105JET features a powerful 105 horsepower engine that provides reliable performance and efficient fuel consumption. It also includes Honda’s advanced technology, including a programmed fuel injection system that ensures smooth, consistent power output and optimal fuel efficiency. This outboard is built to withstand harsh marine environments and provides excellent durability, longevity, and low maintenance costs.

In terms of design, the BF105JET features a sleek, modern look that will complement any boat’s aesthetic. It has a lightweight, compact design that makes it easy to transport and install, and its low-profile jet intake allows it to fit in tight spaces. The BF105JET also includes a range of safety features, such as a safety lanyard and warning system, to ensure safe and reliable operation.

Overall, the Honda Marine Outboard BF105JET is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable, high-performance outboard motor for their boat. Whether you’re fishing, cruising, or enjoying watersports, the BF105JET is a powerful and efficient option that can handle any challenge you throw its way.


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