Yamaha 8HP Outboard Motor


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The Yamaha 8HP Outboard Motor is a compact and lightweight marine engine that is perfect for small boats, dinghies, and inflatables. As a product of Yamaha, a trusted and respected brand in the marine industry, this outboard motor is designed to provide reliable and efficient performance.

This engine is a 4-stroke, 2-cylinder, 212cc powerhouse that is capable of generating up to 8 horsepower. It features advanced technology, including an electronic fuel injection (EFI) system, to ensure optimal performance and fuel efficiency.

The Yamaha 8HP Outboard Motor is also designed for ease-of-use and convenience. It comes equipped with a range of features that make it simple to operate, including an easy-to-use starter system, a twist-grip throttle, and a tiller handle that can be adjusted to different angles for greater comfort.

Other notable features of this outboard motor include a powerful 2-blade aluminum propeller, a high-thrust 2.08:1 gear ratio, and Yamaha’s patented Engine Control Module (ECM) that optimizes fuel delivery and ignition timing for maximum efficiency.

In summary, the Yamaha 8HP Outboard Motor is a compact and efficient marine engine that delivers reliable performance and fuel efficiency. As a Yamaha product, you can trust that it is built to the highest standards of quality and reliability, making it an excellent choice for any boater looking for a dependable and efficient outboard motor for their small boat, dinghy or inflatable.


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